The Association of Texas Leaders for Education, commonly known as ATLE, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to creating a college bound culture by effectively bringing excitement, awareness and understanding to students and families - so that the obstacles of successfully planning and paying for postsecondary education are removed.



Welcome to ATLE!

With feet on the ground, ATLE's members and supporters provide hands-on insight, information, presentations and collateral to energize a college going culture in the landscape of diverse Texas neighborhoods and communities. With your volunteerism and support, we'll help ensure that every young Texan has the opportunity to dream, discover higher education opportunities beyond high school, and succeed in their ability to finance that education.

Member Spotlight

Our spotlight is on the ATLE 2014 Annual Membership Meeting and Training Workshop.

The workshop and meeting will be held at the UT Club in Austin Texas on July 16, 2014 from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

The registration fee is only $50.00 and will be well worth the time and monetary investment.

Our Spotlight...ATLE 2014 Annual Member Meeting & Training Workshop!

ATLE is committed to providing timely and pertinent information to our membership as it relates to financial literacy, education outreach, default prevention, FFEL servicing, and private loans.

Our annual workshops provide a forum for our members to share and learn about the higher education landscape, literacy, financial aid and many current and future inititatives.


Click here to see the complete agenda!

ATLE Workshop Agenda

Our agenda consists of great speakers and invaluable topics regarding higher education and the financial aid industry.

Representative Donna Howard will present on the work of the Texas Higher Education Legislative Committee and discuss the state of higher education in Texas.

James Bergeron, NCHER President will provide a national industry update and wade through the politics of student loans to offer perspectives on current issues and how they affect you and your institutions.

And so much more......check out the complete agenda by clicking on the link above!