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From Craft to Contribution Night

A night off from a crazy life schedule is something that everybody deserves once in awhile. Great company, fun activities and plenty of laughter are always a great way to unwind. And now, you can have all of the fun while helping others on the side.

Round up your friends because it’s time to get crafty. It doesn’t matter what you make, it only matters that you’re making it. That’s because instead of keeping your homemade goods you can donate them for the greater good. Your night will be filled with good times, learning experiences and a sense of accomplishment for helping others. Here are some ideas of what you can make and how to make the most for others. Everybody has an inner-craftiness, so start by bringing it out.

Ideas at Your Fingertips
Can’t think of a crafty idea on your own? Luckily, you don’t have to. It seems like the site was made especially to help you with your craft night. Either pin items to your own craft board or peruse a complete stranger’s board of crafts. Simply create an account and watch the ideas fly.

The possibilities are endless. You could make tie-blankets or quilts in the winter, homemade candles, clothing, art-deco mirrors, hairpieces and more. Call up your closest pals and spend some time being creative together. Even if they aren’t into crafting they’ll be more likely to participate since it’s for a good cause. Figure out what you’ll make and hit the craft store before your gathering. For added convenience, assign items for each guest to bring so that you’re all contributing.

Man-esque Crafting
Ok, so crafting doesn’t really sound like a ‘manly’ thing to do. So, let’s just call it ‘building’ instead. Get out your tools and use this excuse to get some grease under your fingernails or some sawdust on the floor. It’s ok to be a little crazy with ideas and a saw or power drill.

Strap on the safety goggles, throw on a hard hat and make sure to exercise proper safety precautions. You could build chairs, tables, picture frames, coat racks and more. These types of items can be relatively inexpensive to build, but will look great after you add a couple of coats of finish. Once you’re done, step back and admire the handiwork that will ultimately help out people in need.

How to Give Back
Depending on the products you decided to make, there are many ways that you can help others. If you decided to make blankets or household items you could donate those crafts directly to a family or person in need. Check with local organizations in your area to find specific people who could benefit from your craft night.

Another great alternative is to sell your crafts and donate the money to a charity of your choice. Whether you decide to sell your items to family and friends, auction them off at a silent auction or use a free-will donation, people will want to help out and support your cause.

Crafts didn’t turn out the way you planned? Don’t sweat it. Since you’re donating the goods or money from the goods to a great cause, nobody will notice if you dripped some glue or smudged a little paint. They’ll be more focused on the greater task at hand.

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